The little male African black-footed cat kitten (Felis nigripes), at the EFBC’s Feline Conservation Center,  is now 6 weeks old, and very curious. Mom Gabby enforced a 3 foot separation when he tried to check out the camerawoman.

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Fhir A Bhata - Sandy Denny (live)

How often haunting the highest hilltop
I scan the ocean a sail to see
Wilt come tonight, love - wilt come tomorrow
Or ever come, love, to comfort me?

Fhir a bhàta, na ho ro eile
Oh fare thee well, love, where e’er thou be

They call thee fickle, they call thee false one
And seek to change me, but all in vain
Thou art my dream yet, throughout the dark night
And every morn I watch the main


There’s not a hamlet, too well I know it
Where you go wand’ring or stay a while
But all its old folk you win with talking
And charm its maidens with song and smile

bought some marshmallow whip spread yesterday and I’m kind of disgusted by how much I enjoyed it

bastarddisco said: do it and just put a brown back thru if u dont like it, it’ll look good af

haha sold, should I try to do it at home or save up for a hairdresser? I’ve read how-to guides and I’ve dyed my own hair a lot and it doesn’t seeeem that hard?

should I fade the ends of my hair blonde

bundled up + comfort eating + cat snuggling post election

…the older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious.


i love nz politics rn so much like mass surveillance scandals, dodgy emails, eminem sueing people shits so wild 

Marcy and Jack hanging out on the windowsill today <3

Marcy and Jack hanging out on the windowsill today <3

omg it&#8217;s like 3 Jacks

omg it’s like 3 Jacks

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by Barry Scully    Brier’s Island  Nova Scotia


by Barry Scully    Brier’s Island  Nova Scotia

tfw not sure if gayer than usual or if the quality of males in the area just unusually poor

genesis of the cocoon planet

my words are my body
this discarnate form
the sterile flesh of thought
sifted and strangled
and limitless

the familiar pattern
of a residual haunting
pressed in static
an empty sound
and an echo of motion

i have not tasted
the stale air
trapped inside of you
a place which can
never leave me

the last image
trembles into blackness
even the stars
in the sky
died long ago

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