After a long battle with an average-sized house spider (to make it go away, not kill it), it has disappeared somewhere near my headboard. Sleeping in the very middle of the bed tonight just in case lol


sun just came out for the first time in more than a week, now I’m sitting on my bed with the curtains open eating avocado on toast basking in it like a lizard

two kitties

Stoke St today

Stoke St today

Ugh I hate Tuesdays so much…two really hard classes which are mandatory, and which I never feel prepared for no matter how much I study beforehand. Always my broke day too, although this week mum dropped off some food so it’s not as bad. I have assignments due tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday…really really wish I could just stay home and work on those instead of sitting in classes feeling stupid all day

steadily chuggin’ along with my essay for Leisure Studies…taking my time with it and not stressing because that seems appropriate given the subject matter lol

starting to think that deciding to to a postgrad diploma in a bunch of subjects I’ve never studied before (or at least not at University level) was a bit over-ambitious…I miss the confidence I had in English, all this stuff about history and geography and politics (Asian Studies) is just so outside my knowledge base and I’m not catching on as quickly as I’d hoped. A bit disheartening really :/

good times with good people!!

bonerdrag said: lol mine were always like ‘dear god please let dad buy me some bubblegum AND an ice cream tomorrow’

'dear heavenly father please please please bless that I can go to the pool today'

I remember back when I was a kid and I had to go to church with my dad, I would try out praying once in a while, but it was always stuff like ‘dear father in heaven please bless me that I will find my slinky in the next 2 minutes’ and ‘dear heavenly father please let there be some chips left at the cafeteria’

"There needs to be a movie where Jeff Goldblum and Bruce Willis team up…Fly Hard!”

sunsets in Newtown